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    Writing a Demand Letter in Arizona

    When you are the victim of a traffic accident in Arizona, you hope that your insurance will provide compensation for damages sustained due to the accident. When requesting the insurance provider pay compensation for losses that occurred due to your accident, you will need to write a demand letter.

    You should not overlook the process of drafting this letter. In sending a demand letter to your insurance carrier, you need to be clear and concise. However, your letter needs to contain the vital information for it to be effective.

    What You Should Know Before You Draft Your Demand Letter

    Before you start drafting your demand letter, you should gather all of the relevant documentation you have about the accident. This documentation includes police reports, statements from eyewitnesses, medical documentation, and employment records. You should have anything on hand that will help you describe the events that caused your injury accurately and supports your damages.

    It’s essential to get all of the details correct when writing a demand letter to your insurer. This letter is likely the first piece of information they will receive concerning your claim. To make a good impression, you need to explain the events as they happened and request a reasonable amount of compensation for your loss.

    Details To Include in Your Letter

    You know to include details of your accident, but you should also clarify who you believe is at fault. Document how much you owe in medical expenses related to the accident, any lost wages, and an amount for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. If you believe that you suffered any other damages, make sure to include those as well. You should provide a total for your requested compensation and any documents that support your claim.

    When Should You Send Your Demand Letter?

    Due to the necessity to estimate the total of all of your damages in your demand letter, the timing in sending your letter is just as important as what you include. If you send your insurer a demand letter too quickly, you will not include damages incurred after sending the letter.

    The best course of action is to wait until you complete medical treatment. Once your doctor informs you that you have recovered and will not need any additional medical care for your injuries, you can send your demand letter.

    Setting Your Expectations

    To manage your settlement expectations, you should know that your insurance provider has three available responses:

    • Acceptance: If you drafted a detailed and compelling demand letter, your insurance company might accept your demand. In this event, the settlement process can begin.
    • Denial: The insurer may deny the claim. Denial may come for several reasons but may be due to overestimating damages or lack of event detail.
    • CounterOffer: If your insurance does not accept or entirely deny your demands, they may counter your offer with one that they deem more appropriate for your situation.

    Get Help Drafting Your Demand Letter From the Folger Law Firm

    Gathering all of the necessary information to draft an effective demand letter can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. The Folger Law Firm will help you draft a demand that accurately describes your damages from the accident to obtain reasonable and fair compensation.

    We’re available to assist with counter-offer negotiations with your insurance company too. With over ten years of experience, Folger Law Firm’s representation will help traffic accident victims seek maximum damages.

    Contact Our Office in Arizona Today

    We never collect a fee for our services unless you receive a settlement. Since we don’t receive payment until you get compensation, you can be sure that we work hard to seek the best possible outcome.

    Contact Folger Law at (602) 774-0033 today for a free consultation about your case, or ask us for more information about drafting a demand letter to your insurer.




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