Why You Should Not Take The First Personal Injury Settlement Offer

Oct 7, 2017 | General Personal Injury

When you are involved in a vehicle accident, or any other type of injury case, you will do everything possible to prove your case and reach a reasonable settlement. But when the case begins, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and take the first settlement offer the insurance company makes to you. Unfortunately, the easiest option is not necessarily the best one. The old phrase, “Good things come to those who wait” applies to personal injury settlements, something personal injury attorneys know all too well. This is one of many reasons why working with an attorney goes hand and hand with reaching the settlement that you deserve.

Personal injury cases have multiple layers…

When you take the first offer, you may be only receiving compensation for the most immediate injuries. The settlement may not include compensation for future medical care, for example. The settlement may leave you with future medical costs that you do not have the money to pay. It’s important to remember that the extent of your injuries, especially following accidents that involve big rig collisions, may not be known for several months or even years after the accident. By working with your personal injury attorney, you can obtain the necessary evidence to prove the extent of future medical care and the associated costs.

It’s also important to note that insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. This means that they will handle your case to best serve its financial interests. So, when you decide to settle to early, you might later realize that your damages are more than initial believed. Unfortunately, insurance companies will not agree to void the settlement agreement. Therefore, you are locked in to the original settlement.

How can I avoid the traps with an early settlement?

Work with a skillful personal injury attorney to handle the settlement negotiations. They can obtain the necessary evidence to establish the full extent of your personal injuries and lost income. Across the country, less than 2% of injury cases go to trial, most are settled out of the courtroom. This is why working with an experienced attorney to handle the settlement is so important. Together, you can reach a settlement that provides full compensation for your damages.