senior couple smiling while shaking hand with injury lawyerAfter a car accident, you may wonder whether or not you need to hire an attorney – and if so, when the best time is to hire one.

If anyone was hurt in the accident or if you experienced significant property damage, such as a “totaled” vehicle, it’s important to speak to an attorney as soon as you can. Here’s why:

  1. You have a limited amount of time to exercise all your options.

Every U.S. state, including Arizona, has a “statute of limitations” for car accidents. This rule sets a time limit on bringing lawsuits for car accidents and other personal injury claims, and it typically starts running on the date of the accident. Once it expires, you can no longer sue for damages related to the accident.

  1. The rules you’ll have to follow can change depending on the type of accident you had.

Not only does every state have its own rules regarding auto accidents, but those rules can change within a state depending on the specific circumstances of the accident. For instance, if you’re in a crash with another driver who is a government employee, you may need to meet additional filing requirements in order to receive any compensation for your injuries.

Each insurance company also has its own filing requirements and deadlines. Missing any of these may mean you won’t receive coverage for injuries or damage, even if you have a policy. Your lawyer can help ensure you don’t miss a single deadline or other requirement.

  1. You need to know what all of your damages are.

Some losses are obvious immediately after the accident. For instance, you may be able to see your car’s crumpled hood or shattered glass. You may know at once that you have broken bones or you are bleeding from lacerations.

Some injuries, however, aren’t immediately obvious. And your losses in the days and weeks following the accident – from missed work, additional medical appointments, or the inability to take care of your usual household chores or childcare – can all add up. When injuries are severe, these losses can last for years or decades.

Your attorney will help you evaluate the full extent of your losses, so that you will have a better idea whether an insurance settlement is fair. Your lawyer will also help you evaluate settlement offers and decide whether or not to accept them.

  1. You may not be your insurance company’s first priority.

Most auto insurance companies seek to preserve their profit margins. When an injured person’s claim threatens those margins, the insurance company is more likely to take aggressive steps to avoid paying the claim, or to pay far less than the claim is worth.

Struggling through an insurance company’s delays and denials is difficult, especially when you are already dealing with a serious injury. Your attorney serves as an experienced advocate who puts your interests first, helping to place you on equal footing with an insurance company’s years of experience and resources, thereby allowing you to focus on healing.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. At the Folger Law Firm we are dedicated to helping our clients seek the compensation they need and deserve. We work on a contingency basis, so you won’t pay fees unless we recover for you.

Don’t let the insurance company intimidate you, get what you deserve. Call us now for a free case evaluation.



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