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    Release of All Claims Forms in Arizona Settlements

    A “release of all claims” is a document that your insurance adjuster may attempt to have you sign when you settle. Just from the name of the document alone, you may have an idea what the form is about. You might wonder if signing the form is a requirement to settle. 

    Depending on the settlement your insurance company offers, signing one of these documents is necessary, in other cases it is not.  You need to carefully consider signing the release of claims before putting pen to paper. Even if your insurer wants you to sign a release of all claims, it may not be in your best interest. 


    The Purpose of a Release of All Claims Form 

    The primary purpose for the document is to absolve the at-fault party of future liability in the settlement process. For that reason, some people also refer to them as liability waiver forms. Once you sign the form, you effectively agree to release any claim for compensation that you have arising out of the accident. 

    Sometimes, an insurance agency will ask victims to sign a release of all claims form before offering compensation. Signing the document would be a mistake because there is a good chance the insurance company will not pay you anything for your injuries from the accident.  


    What You Should Know Before You Sign

    You should not sign a release of all claims form unless you are confident that you are not entitled to any more damages for your injuries. As soon as you sign, you dismiss the right to other claims concerning the accident in question. In many cases, an insurance company uses these forms to make a quick and easy settlement for themselves.


    If you require continued medical treatment due to the accident, you should not sign. Otherwise, you will have no alternative but to pay for those medical expenses yourself. Don’t waive your right to additional compensation until you are sure that there will be no more losses to cover. Always be sure that you agree to all of the terms of your insurer’s settlement before you proceed.


    A Typical Release of All Claims Form

    Your insurance company may not allow you to cash your settlement check until you waive the liability of the party at fault. In signing the average liability waiver form, you will:

    • Agree that you settle without assigning blame to another party
    • Agree that your settlement is final and that you will not seek additional compensation regarding the accident
    • Waive your right to sue the insurance company as well as any other party involved in your claim

    As long as you understand your rights, you can sign the release of all claims form and settle with the insurance company. However, if you do not agree to waive the rights, you may need to seek legal representation.


    The Folger Law Firm Can Help You in Your Settlement

    If you are the victim of a traffic accident, before your insurer requests that you sign a release of all claims form, contact the Folger Law Firm for a consultation. Once you sign the release, you will have to face the consequences.

    Our law office will evaluate your case, determine whether you are getting fair compensation, and evaluate whether signing the release is in your best interest.  Continued negotiations with the insurance company to increase your settlement may be possible.


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