Even a seemingly minor car accident can have a profound effect on the human body. And while car crashes vary widely in type, speed, and other factors, they can all leave your body shaken and injured in ways that you didn’t expect before the crash occurred.

A study performed at Monash University’s Accident Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia examined over 390 accidents and their effects on the people who experienced them. Researchers drew a number of conclusions, which include:

  1. “Major trauma” is common in car accidents.

The researchers used the same scale as local hospitals to rate trauma to the bodies of drivers and passengers in the accidents they study. The hospitals used 15 as the score for “major” trauma.

The researchers found that the average car accident’s trauma rated 14.6 – just below what a hospital would have called “major” trauma. At a 14.6 average, nearly half of the injured motorists studied would have been ranked “major” at a local hospital!

  1. Head injuries are common, and often severe.

Thirty-nine percent of the people in the study suffered a head injury in a car accident, and about half of the total head injuries were rated “severe.” While chest injuries were more common, at 66 percent, only about 32 percent of the total were rated severe.

Head injuries were most common in front-on crashes, where both drivers and passengers may strike their head on the dashboard or front seat. Damage to lower extremities, like legs and feet, was also more severe in front-end crashes than in other types, like rear-end or rollover accidents.

Even a mild traumatic brain injury like a concussion can cause lingering problems with memory, concentration, mood, and even movement. The more severe a head injury, the more likely it is to cause permanent problems.

  1. Side-impact and rollover accidents caused the most damage.

Of the crashes studied, side-impact crashes and rollovers caused the most severe injuries. the injuries were compounded when more than one vehicle was involved in the accident.

The severity of these accidents is often linked to the way vehicles are built. Vehicle doors often offer little protection against a side impact, while a vehicle’s roof can collapse during a rollover. Seat belts are less effective restraining drivers when movement occurs from side to side, which is a factor in both side impact and rollover accidents.

Injuries to the chest, head, neck, and spine are most common in these accidents, as well. Whiplash can cause sprain damage, and it can also cause harm if any part of a person’s body strikes any part of the car as it is tossed around by the forces of the crash.

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