The Do’s and Don’ts, Following an Accident With a Semi Truck

Sep 21, 2017 | Large Truck and Semi Accidents

If you have recently been a victim of a semi truck accident, you should take the proper steps to ensure that you are protected during this difficult time. By following our injury attorney-approved do’s and don’ts, you’ll be able to make conscious, informed decisions so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries and move on from the accident. Here we explain what you should and should not do if you have been involved in an accident involving a semi truck.

DO: Consult a doctor

Even if you don’t exhibit signs of trauma, it’s important to get examined by a doctor. Some injuries take time to develop, and it’s always good for your peace of mind to make sure your health is not in danger. Plus, if you’re planning on taking your accident claim to trial, seeing a medical professional will serve as evidence of your injuries.

DON’T: Speak to anyone without your personal injury lawyer present

It is easy to get overwhelmed and confused when handling the claim yourself, so it is not recommended to speak with the trucking companies and insurance carriers without a lawyer. Most, if not all communications, will be made by your lawyer on your behalf. You will feel more comfortable having legal representation handle the discussions, and more importantly, you will not make statements that inadvertently hurt your case.

DO: Take photos of the scene

The more evidence you can have for your trial, the better. Take pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident, the scene of the accident, the weather, road conditions, and your injuries. Conditions change, so it is important to memorialize the conditions as they were at the time of the accident.

DO: Exchange information with the other driver

Exchange driver licenses and insurance information. You should also write down the Department of Transportation (“DOT”) registration numbers on the cab and trailer of the truck so your lawyer can use this information to investigate the trucker’s driving history. Looking at a driver’s background can be exceptionally helpful to assist the jury in deciding whether the driver should have been driving in the first place.

If you have been involved in an accident, don’t go through the legal battle alone. Our personal injury team is here to protect your interests and get you the compensation you deserve.