Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

If you or someone you love is dealing with an injury after being struck by a vehicle, help is available. You need a pedestrian accident lawyer that specializes in personal injury claims, like the Folger Law Firm. We will help you understand your legal options and obtain the compensation you deserve as you continue on your path to recovery. We don’t get paid unless we win your case.

How Serious Are Pedestrian Accidents in Arizona?

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise nationwide, and Arizona has more accidents than average. In 2017, the Governors Highway Safety Association issued a report revealing that pedestrian deaths were at a 20-year high nationwide – and that Arizona had the third-highest rate of such deaths.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s annual “Crash Facts” report, approximately 200 Arizona residents lost their lives in 2016 after being hit by a car while walking. In Phoenix alone, over 50 pedestrian deaths were reported each year since 2014, making Phoenix one of the deadliest cities in which to be a pedestrian.

What causes these accidents? The Governors Highway Safety Association believes that increased rates of distraction among both drivers and pedestrians are responsible for many accidents. Drivers whose attention is divided between the road and anything else, like a cell phone or the radio, may not be watching closely for pedestrians. They may not even see someone walking until it is too late. Meanwhile, pedestrians distracted by cell phones or headphones may not be able to get out of the way of a driver in time to avoid injuries.

If I Was Hit By A Car, What Are My Options?

Pedestrians injured by a distracted or careless driver may be able to file a personal injury claim. To succeed in their case, the injured pedestrian will need to demonstrate that:

  • The driver had a duty to use reasonable care to avoid hitting the pedestrian,
  • The driver failed to use reasonable care,
  • The driver’s failure was the cause of the injuries, and
  • The injured person’s losses can be compensated with money damages.

Common damages awarded in pedestrian accident claims include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, replacement or repair of damaged property, and pain and suffering.

Pedestrian accident cases are also subject to Arizona’s two-year “statute of limitations,” which limits the amount of time you have to file a claim after an injury occurs. It’s important to keep this two-year deadline in mind, so you don’t miss your chance to file your case.

Every pedestrian injury is a bit different, which means that the specific challenges you will face in proving each element of a pedestrian accident claim will be unique to your situation. An experienced lawyer can help you understand the obstacles in your claim and address them.

Three Things To Do Today If You Were Hurt In An Accident;

After an injury, you may wonder what you can do to help yourself obtain the compensation you deserve. Take these three steps as soon as possible to build your claim, preserve evidence, and protect yourself:

  1. See a doctor.

If you didn’t see a doctor immediately after the accident, do so as soon as you can. Your doctor’s records will provide strong evidence of your injuries and medical needs, and your doctor’s advice, carefully followed, will aid in your healing.

If you’ve already seen a doctor, remember to keep all your follow-up appointments, including appointments for imaging, lab work, or physical therapy. Follow your doctor’s advice, and call your doctor’s office if you have questions about any of your doctor’s recommendations.

  1. Take notes.

Write down everything you remember about the accident. Start with the date, time, and place. Then, write about what happened. Write down what the weather was like, if you remember. Describe the location, including any buildings, intersections, things that made it harder to see (like sunlight or parked cars), and similar details, and witnesses to the fall.

Put these notes in a file along with all your paperwork from the case, and update them if you remember additional details. Every time you make a note or update, put the date beside it. These notes can help you keep track of what happened and refresh your memory if you need to give testimony about the accident as your claim proceeds.

  1. Talk to a lawyer.

An experienced Phoenix pedestrian accident lawyer can help you understand your legal options, anticipate challenges in your case, and work to overcome them so that you receive the compensation you deserve. Many law firms will also take your case on a contingency basis, so you don’t pay the lawyers’ fees until and unless you recover compensation for your injuries.

If you’ve been hit by a motor vehicle and sustained any type of injuries, call the Folger Law Firm today. Our number is 602-774-0033, or you can use our online contact form. Your initial consultation with our firm is always confidential.

Why the Folger Law Firm?

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