Bad faith insurance dispute attorney in Phoenix

When you make a claim to your insurance company, you expect them to handle it appropriately. After all, you pay monthly premiums for this very reason. However, it has become increasingly common to see insurance companies not honoring their duties.

Customers have brought this problem to light by coming forward regarding the companies that have refused to honor their policies. This begs the question, what can you do when your insurance company is practicing bad faith?


Every insurance policy has a set of rules for you to follow

If you feel your insurance provider is not honoring their policy agreement, one of the first steps you need to take is to fully read your policy. While you should have already done this when you signed up for the policy, changes are often made to policies over time and a quick refresher can help you determine your course of action. The following examples are a few things you should be looking for:

  1. Can the claim be covered by the policy? – One of the biggest mistakes a policyholder can make is to not know the limitations of their policy. Be sure to read the policy thoroughly, including the “fine print,” and look for any possible reason your claim was not covered.
  2. Did you file the claim according to policy rules? – Some claims require more information than others.  Be sure that you have provided every detail the insurance company requests to process your claim effectively.
  3. Does the policy include any reverse terms? – Although it is rare to find this anymore, some companies created policies that were worded in such a manner to indicate claim coverage, but also deny it in the same token. This practice was weeded out decades ago, but it is always worth taking a look to be sure.

Once you’ve assured yourself that the fault is not with anything you have done, it is time to determine your steps moving forward.


Gather all records, invoices, payment records, and other necessary information

No matter what type of insurance is involved, you will need to gather up all of your payment records showing you have paid your premiums to the insurance company. In addition, you’ll need copies of the policy itself, invoices and bills involved with the claim, any photographs taken, the name of your insurance representative, and notes on any calls you’ve made to the company regarding your claim.

All of these records are important, as they help to build a clear case for your attorney. When making a claim against your insurance company for bad faith, you want to ensure the case has a solid backing; be sure you choose a bad faith insurance dispute attorney with a good reputation. At the Folger Law Firm we offer “Experience with Persistence,” meaning you can be confident we will fight on your behalf. Our excellent reviews speak for themselves; our clients praise our responsive case handling and are highly satisfied with their results.


When your insurance does not want to pay, you have options to fight back

There are several instances where insurance companies have balked at covering their end of the bargain. Auto insurance policies are well-known for the insurance disputes that are raised each year. That is one reason that premiums increase with different insurance providers, as they pass the costs onto their remaining policyholders.

Life insurance companies are also notorious for bad faith claims. Nothing is more devastating than losing a loved one, so when a life insurance company does not want to pay out on the policy, the impact on the family adds insult to injury. The families often come forward in very bad financial situations, as they’ve already spent months arguing with the insurance company while the bills added up.

These are situations where contacting a reputed law firm like Folger Law is essential to getting the coverage you should have had from the beginning. The Folger Law Firm can not only direct you to outside resources that you may not have known about for financial assistance in the interim, but we will also walk you through the entire process of the suit.


Your family deserves justice and a smoother path to a positive outcome

The most important factor in any of these cases is your family. Bad faith insurance disputes can be stressful for family members. As they fight to handle finances in the meantime, bills pile up and money starts to get tight. A shorter process and a positive outcome is all you want, and you can help to provide that by contacting an attorney to handle your case as soon as possible.

By taking fast action and contacting the Folger Law Firm, you can get the process moving quickly and efficiently. In turn, we can offer you advice on the best possible outcome, as well as alternatives for settlements if you choose to take that route. Be honest, do not hesitate to ask us questions, and working together we can provide the best and least stressful outcome for your family.

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