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When To Hire Premises Liability Lawsuit Lawyers in Phoenix, AZ

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the premises in a safe condition and ensuring that unsafe areas are clearly posted to provide warnings about the danger. In addition, if the property owner knows there is a dangerous situation, they must make an effort to correct the problem when it becomes known.

If property owners fail to complete these steps and an individual is injured on their property, Folger Law Firm, a premises liability law firm, is here to help. Our premises liability attorneys offer a free consultation, which will help you to understand the specifics of your case. This is a complex area of the law, with several elements that must be present to proceed with a liability claim.


Premises liability law typically is applied in cases where an individual’s injury or death was incurred due to the risky, hazardous, or unsafe conditions on another individual’s property.

These types of conditions may include and are not limited to:

Chemical fumes

Fires and smoke

Improperly maintained or malfunctioning elevators

Loose roofing materials including shingles

Missing steps


Water leaks/flooding

Dangerous or improperly maintained escalators

Icy sidewalks

Insufficient security

Missing railings

Poor lighting

Swimming pools without fencing

Wet floors, especially if left unmarked


People who are injured in slip and falls often sustain serious injuries, including:

Back and neck injuries,

Head trauma, and

Broken bones,

Spinal cord damage.

In the most severe accidents, people may sustain fatal injuries. Other property accidents, such as swimming pool accidents and falling objects, are also likely to cause serious injuries to the victims.

At Folger Law Firm, we care deeply about our clients and work hard to seek the full compensation to which they are entitled. We vigorously pursue full compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other forms of available relief. We handle all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no fees to us unless we obtain compensation for you.

Experienced Legal Representation

Premises liability lawsuit lawyers will evaluate the case and determine if specific conditions were present that contributed to the injury. Common issues causing someone to trip and fall or slip and fall can include poor lighting, wet floors, uneven surfaces, poorly maintained decks, railings, stairs, or lack of fencing around swimming pools.

In Phoenix, AZ, talking to a premises liability attorney as soon as possible is important. This allows the attorney the opportunity to obtain evidence and documentation to prove your case.

In many situations, our attorney will negotiate on your behalf to obtain fair compensation for your injuries. However, if this does not happen, Folger Law Firm is here to take your case through litigation to trial.

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