How To Take Photos of Your Accident That will Help Win Your Case

Jun 21, 2019 | Car Accidents


The stress of an accident can cause victims to forget to record the evidence they need for a successful insurance claim. While your first instinct after a crash might not involve taking photos of the scene, it’s one of the most important things to do. Taking pictures and notes at the accident’s scene may help protect you in court at a later date.

Once you assess if everyone is safe and healthy, it’s critical to begin the evidence recording process. Below, let’s take a look at accident scene photography and how you can utilize it to protect yourself.


If you’ve never taken accident photos before, you may not realize why they’re so important. The reality is that a lot of insurance and injury claims don’t go to plan. The person you’re claiming against may dispute the details that you’ve provided to the police or insurance provider. Sometimes this is intentional. Other times it may be due to the other party not correctly remembering details.

Regardless, it’s critical to protect yourself as much as possible. Photo evidence is one of the only forms of proof that can’t be disputed. While notes are also essential to take, photo evidence is much more concrete, and therefore, credible.


If you’re going to take photos of an accident scene, it’s critical to make sure that you get the best possible images. Poor quality images may not assist you when it’s time to make a claim or seek compensation for damages. Below, let’s take a look at some of the top ways to ensure that you obtain the best possible images of your accident scene.

  • Broad Images — Start by taking full pictures of the entire scene — this can help paint a realistic view of what happened during the accident.
  • Multiple Angles — It’s critical to take images from a wide variety of angles. This can help you avoid missing specific key details or perspectives.
  • Individual Vehicles — Next, take photos of all the individual vehicles involved in the accident. You should get images of the entire car and its positioning.
  • Road Markings, Signs, and Lights — This is something that many people forget to do. By taking photographs of road markings, signs, and lights, you can provide context to the accident. This can help you prove that someone ignored road rules when the accident occurred. It can also help you prove that specific markings were wrong. In this case, it could be the fault of local authorities.
  • Weather — It’s always a good idea to take photos of the weather and other weather-related issues (such as wet roads or snow).
  • External Damage — If the accident has damaged other objects, it’s a good idea to get photo evidence. Items such as trees, structures, and signs can often be damaged during accidents.
  • Licenses, License Plates, and Insurance Details — Take photos of driver’s licenses, license plates and the insurance details of the people involved in the accidents.
  • Detailed Damage — Now that you have images of the crash as a whole, it’s crucial to take close-up photos of damages. Dents, broken glass, and other damage should all be recorded.
  • Evidence on the Roads — If there are tire marks or other markers of an accident, take photos.
  • Photos of People — Make sure to take pictures of others involved in the accident (as long as they’re not injured). This can help you identify people if they try and avoid responsibility.
  • Injury Photos — If there is acute evidence of an injury on your body, make sure to take photos immediately.


If you are involved in a any auto accident in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s critical to get in touch with a qualified attorney as quickly as possible.

Even if you were unable to take photos of the accident when it occurred, it’s still important to make sure that you have proper legal representation.

It’s often a good idea to speak to an attorney directly after the accident — this can help you follow appropriate procedures and avoid mistakes.

Car accidents are often complicated and strenuous. Don’t expose yourself to problems in the courtroom. An attorney can help you sort through the mess.

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