How Social Media Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Jul 14, 2017 | General Personal Injury

It’s an emotional time following an accident, and it’s easy to turn to social media to air your grievances and fill your friends and family in on what’s happening. But if you are pursuing a personal injury case, these posts may be detrimental. Remember that everything you post is public, so the defendant can obtain your status updates, comments, and photographs. Most personal injury attorneys will go over these issues with you, but here are some of the most common implications of social media.

The Defendant Can Use A Post As Evidence Against You

This is especially true if you posted an inflamed rant immediately following your accident. The defendant and their attorneys may search your posts for flakes of inaccuracy, ultimately attempting to disprove your claim. The defendant’s lawyer may also try to argue that you are acting out of bitterness rather than out of actual pain. As a rule, keep your negative thoughts regarding your case off the internet.

Your Posts May Contradict Your Statement

If you were involved in a big rig collision, accidents that kill thousands of people every year, you may be suing the trucking company to provide compensation for your injuries. But if you then post a photo of yourself smiling at the gym or playing in your company kickball game, the defense may use these photos to prove that your injuries are less severe than you say they are. Other contradictions can come from photographs of your accident or injuries versus what you said in your statements in your personal injury case.

You May Feel Stressed, But Social Media Shows A Different Story

In addition to physical injuries, personal injury lawyers may make a case for emotional distress on your behalf. In that case, the opposing lawyer will likely scan your social media for posts that contradict your claim that the accident caused you distress. While you understand that social media does not tell your entire story, the jury may believe otherwise.

Personal injury attorneys are there to help your case, so be sure to talk to your lawyer about cleaning up your social media profiles. Delete any posts that may be used against you and be sure to increase your privacy settings. If you are willing, the best way to avoid any detrimental posts is to avoid using social media until your case has been resolved.