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Filing a Claim for Injury if You Are at-Fault in Arizona

If you fail to pay attention while you’re on the road and crash your vehicle into another, you’ll have millions of thoughts racing through your head. You now have injuries that need care, and you’re doing mental math for medical costs. Did your airbag deploy? If it did, it saved your life, but you totaled your vehicle. Did you hurt anyone else? Is insurance going to cover anything if you’re at fault?

Traffic accidents are difficult to deal with, no matter if you are the victim or the cause. You might be able to breathe a little deeper when you realize that you can still file a claim even if the accident was your fault. Your insurance won’t cover everything, though. That’s why you will need to know what damages you might be able to seek.

Arizona Injury Claims

While a few states in the U.S. are no-fault states, Arizona is an at-fault state. That means that at least one driver’s negligence determines to whom the liability falls. Distribution of the fault among drivers is not uncommon.

If a percentage of liability for your car accident falls on you, your insurance will cover the all or some of the costs of the medical bills resulting from care for accident-induced injuries to the other driver.  The other driver’s insurance company will pay for all or some of your medical expenses.  Pain and suffering is handled the same way.

Does Arizona Require PIP?

Unlike some states, Arizona does not offer personal injury protection (PIP). Instead, many insurance carriers offer medical payments coverage, which is insurance to cover your medical bills.  Unfortunately, medical payment insurance does not provide coverage for lost wages or pain and suffering.  

The state of Arizona does not require drivers to have Med Pay as part of their insurance plans, so you should check with your provider to clarify your coverage. Your specific policy will determine the limit to the amount you can collect from your insurance.

Arizona Medical Payments Coverage

Here are a few facts about medical payments coverage, according to Arizona’s official website:

  • Medical payments insurance can cover funeral costs as well as necessary medical expenses.
  • Coverage not only extends to you, but it may also be available for every passenger in your vehicle at the time of the accident.
  • There is no specific limit to the amount that medical payments insurance covers.

Your individual insurance policy will outline any limits you have when seeking to collect damages for medical expenses after a car accident. Additionally, Arizona residents may want to have Med Pay coverage on their policy even if they already have health insurance. Med Pay can cover co-pays and deductibles for those where your primary medical insurance does not cover.

Get Legal Help Today From the Folger Law Firm

The Folger Law Firm can provide representation for you if you are at-fault in a traffic accident. After a traumatic accident, the last thing you should have to do is fight with an insurance provider. We can help you understand your insurance policy and look for any coverage for your damages.  

What You Can Expect From Our Arizona Law Office

When you choose the Folger Law Firm to represent you in your personal injury claim, you will have well over a decade of experience to back you up. You can also rest assured that there will be no fee unless you obtain a recovery.

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