The main purpose of car airbags is to save your life in the event of an automobile accident, and the vast majority of the time, they perform this job flawlessly. However, when airbags do not work as intended, the consequences can range from mild to severe.

Fortunately, if you sustain car accident airbag injuries in Arizona, a personal injury attorney can help you find the answers you are looking for. If you or a loved one is suffering from airbag injuries, contact the Folger Law Firm’s car accident lawyers and wrongful death lawyers today for a free consultation. 

How Do Airbags Work?

An airbag should deploy when the crash sensors in your vehicle detect that an impact has happened. However, if the sensors malfunction and trigger the airbags too early or too late, serious injury can occur. 

Airbags inflate in a fraction of a second. Then, the bag slowly deflates as the passenger hits it, slowing their momentum and reducing their chances of serious injury. If the airbag deploys too early, it may deflate too soon, which can change the amount of momentum reduction and cushioning that it provides.

Similarly, if the airbag deploys too late, the explosive inflation process could impact the passenger and cause undue injury. Unfortunately, neck and facial fractures are particularly common with victims of car accident airbag injuries. 

What Are Airbag Injuries and How Do They Happen in Arizona?

People involved in a car accident often sustain bruises, abrasions, and chemical irritation from exposure to an airbag. However, the most serious car accident airbag injuries in Arizona happen because of improperly positioned passengers or malfunctions of the airbag system itself. 

Exposure to chemicals and dust can also be an issue, as airbags can launch debris and shrapnel at passengers at a very high velocity when they deploy. In severe cases, this scenario can cause permanent eye, lung, and airway damage, as well as permanent scarring and burns. 

More extreme cases of airbag injuries exist, as well, but these are rare. For example, Takata-brand airbags, many of which have been recalled, can deteriorate over time when subjected to prolonged heat. As you can imagine, this potential airbag malfunction due to extreme heat is a very real problem for Phoenix, AZ, residents. 

While prolonged heat and humidity can affect all airbags (especially as they age), in the case of Takata airbags, the issue was the ammonium nitrate canister that inflates the airbags quickly in the event of an accident. Instead of inflating the airbag, the explosion would tear apart the canister used to hold the chemicals. 

To date, Takata airbags have caused at least 15 deaths and 27 injuries in the United States alone, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that only 58% of the Takata airbags in question have been successfully recalled and repaired. 

What Can You Do After an Airbag Injury in Phoenix, AZ?

While not every airbag injury can be attributed to negligence or wrongful advertising from the manufacturer, exploring all of your avenues for compensation is important if you are a victim of car accident airbag injuries. 

In Arizona, releasing products that perform safely and effectively in an emergency is a legal requirement for both vehicle manufacturers and vehicle parts manufacturers. If we find out that design flaws, errors during the manufacturing process, or wrongful advertising contributed to your injuries, you may have a strong case. 

However, even if your car accident airbag injuries cannot be linked to the manufacturer, our professional attorneys can still help you investigate other options. Since you only have two years to pursue a case in the state of Arizona, you should explore your options as soon as possible. 

Folger Law Can Help

If you or a loved one has been in an auto accident and you believe you have wrongly received injuries due to a airbag deployment, contact our qualified attorneys. Our professional legal team at the Folger Law Firm can help you investigate the root cause of what happened and figure out the ideal course of legal action for you. 


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