Best Times To Ride Your Motorcycle

Oct 12, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents, Safety Information

Riding a motorcycle is an experience unlike any other, but it comes with certain risks. If you’re riding recreationally, rather than using your bike to commute, you have more freedom to choose which time of day you ride. Here’s how to choose times of day that can help reduce your risk for an accident.

1.Avoid Peak Traffic Times.
Roads are packed with traffic during the morning and evening commute, but you can’t get in an accident with these vehicles if you’re not on the road during these times. Choosing times with less traffic can help you avoid an accident. For instance, mid-morning and mid-afternoon see lighter traffic in many areas, particularly on weekdays. Early weekend mornings are often lighter in traffic as well.

2.Choose Less-Traveled Roads.
Bicyclists are familiar with the concept of finding rural or residential roads that parallel major thoroughfares, so that they can travel the same direction as the main road without exposing themselves to the risks of a crash that come with actually being on the main road. Motorcyclists can use the same technique to reduce their own risk of an accident. An added bonus: these side and back roads tend to offer better scenery than main thoroughfares as well.

3.Limit Nighttime Riding.
Sometimes, riding after dark is necessary, especially if you lose track of time. However, riding once the sun goes down is safest if it’s done in well-light urban or suburban areas. Rural areas can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists at night, since the lack of light makes it far more difficult to spot roadway hazards or oncoming animals until it is far too late to prevent an accident. Since the number of drunk or drowsy drivers is also higher at night, saving your rides for daylight hours can help reduce your risk of a crash with one of these motorists as well.

4.Check the Weather Report.
Fog, rain, sleet, hail: precipitation of any kind can turn a pleasant motorcycle ride into a hazardous one very quickly. When planning a ride, look up the weather report for the next several hours. Check weather radar to see if any storm systems are developing, as well as predictions for precipitation during the time you plan to be on the road.

5.Dress for the ride, not the time of day.
It’s easy to choose your gear based on the time of day you plan to ride, especially after you’ve looked at the weather report. It’s a habit that results from many years of choosing our everyday clothes based on the predicted temperatures and weather.

When it comes to motorcycles, however, the best choice is always to dress for the ride, not the weather. Wear protective layers, boots, gloves, and a helmet. Leather or fibers like Kevlar may be hot, but they can also significantly reduce your risk of serious injuries if an accident occurs.

The one exception to this rule? Eye protection. Choose your eyewear based on the time of day and weather: shatterproof sunglasses for sunny daytime riding, clear eye protection at night.

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