3 Most Dangerous Types Of Auto Accidents

Nov 18, 2018 | Car Accidents

Modern vehicles are built to take a beating. Years of data and statistics about vehicle accidents have led to a wide range of safety innovations in today’s vehicles that their predecessors simply don’t offer.

While these safety features have allowed many people to walk away from accidents that might otherwise have killed them, they aren’t a foolproof answer in a crash. Some car accidents are still far more dangerous than others, depending on the part of the vehicle that is struck during the accident.

Here are three of the most dangerous places to be struck during a crash while you’re in a vehicle.


Thanks to physics, head-on accidents are among the most dangerous and deadly types of car accidents. When two vehicles collide, the force of the accident depends on two factors: the mass of each vehicle and the speed each vehicle is traveling at the point of impact. When two vehicles collide head-on, the speed of each vehicle is added to the speed of the other, greatly increasing the overall force and thus the likelihood of injury. For instance, if two identical cars crash into each other head-on at 30 miles per hour, the force is the same as if one of those drivers had hit a stationary object at 60 miles per hour. Even at low speeds, head-on accidents can quickly prove fatal.


To address the danger of head-on collisions, many vehicles now have “crumple zones” in the front and rear of the car to absorb some of the force generated by the impact. A “t-bone” or side impact collision is dangerous for those in the passenger compartment, however, because the sides of a vehicle don’t have the same crumple zones to absorb the force of an oncoming car.

Instead, side doors are often made of just a few thin sheets of metal and padding. When another vehicle strikes the car directly in the side, the doors may not offer a sufficient barrier against serious injury. Unfortunately, t-bone accidents aren’t uncommon at intersections, particularly when one driver runs a red light or fails to slow down before entering the intersection.


Rollover accidents have long been notorious for the risks they pose to vehicle occupants. Older vehicles were not designed for the weight of the car to rest on the vehicle’s roof. For these cars, a rollover often crushed the roof into the passenger compartment, killing or seriously injuring everyone inside.

The roofs on newer cars are often designed to withstand a rollover. However, the rolling motion can still cause severe injuries, particularly since seat belts are weakest at protecting against side to side motion. Anyone not wearing a seat belt may be killed, severely injured, or even thrown from the vehicle, which is often fatal.

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